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The Life of a DoiT Field Sales Rep (Part 1)

Viet N. is a Field Sales Representative (FSR) from Austin, Texas. We caught up with him to learn about his process in joining DoiT International, what it’s like to work in a remote role and what makes working at DoiT so unique.

Caption: Viet (standing, far right) enjoys a happy hour with local Do’ers in Austin, Texas. While DoiT is a global, remote company, local teams enjoy arranging in-person meetups.

What led you to DoiT, and what’s your role?
I came to DoiT via a referral from a former coworker. Several former colleagues had ended up at DoiT, and I heard great things about the people, company and culture. I’m a field sales representative and cover the SF/Bay Area for Google Cloud Platform.

What attracted you to join DoiT?

When I evaluated different companies to join, it was vital to understand their reputation, fit and unique offering in the larger cloud market.

When I read about DoiT’s $1.5 Billion commitment to Google Cloud, being named Google Cloud’s Global Partner of the Year and AWS Partner of the Year, and earning AWS Managed Service Provider distinction, it gave me the confidence to see DoiT as a significant player in the cloud space. It was clear to me that DoiT not only has a close relationship with the vendors but has a solid, strong reputation to back them up. 

I was attracted to DoiT’s positioning in the market not just as a service provider but also as a technology company. The acquisitions of superQuery and ProdOps to elevate DoiT’s own Cloud Management Platform (CMP) reaffirmed the strong technology positioning.

What kind of research did you do before joining DoiT?

I saw that the Glassdoor reviews were outstanding. But truthfully, there was less risk for me, as I knew multiple people from my previous company who had joined DoiT and were very happy. 

“DoiT is a great fit for someone who is tenacious, adaptable and wants the sense of adventure of a fast-growing startup while enjoying the perks of a stable, profitable, leading company.”

How has the reality of working at DoiT aligned with previous expectations?

The company’s success and fast-paced growth have aligned with my expectations. The most significant adjustment for me was learning the ins and outs of being a channel partner. Although I’d always had customers as my stakeholders, adjusting to having partners as stakeholders was a meaningful challenge. 

Talk to us about joining a company in hyper-growth.
The company’s growth was exciting to me. My manager joined when DoiT had fewer than 30 employees and was one of the first US-based field sales representatives. Seeing the company’s expansion to 250 current employees awed me. This is precisely the kind of company and growth that I wanted to be a part of.

Any challenges as the company scales and grows?
As we’re growing so fast, there is a certain element of the unknown: What will my role look like today versus six months from now? What will the organization look like a year from now? Despite the uncertainty, it is exciting to be in an organization where change is a constant. DoiT is a great fit for someone who is tenacious, adaptable and wants the sense of adventure of a fast-growing startup while enjoying the perks of a stable, profitable, leading company in our space.

What’s it like to be part of a fully-remote company? 

It’s been a fantastic experience to be part of a fully remote company. As more organizations shift to a remote culture, it’s nice to get away from the traffic and commuting usually associated with the workweek. The remote culture allows me to get work done efficiently without losing time traveling between meetings. While the company is fully remote, we also try to arrange in-person events with DoiT teammates who live in the same city, such as happy hours and dinners.

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