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The Life of a DoiT Field Sales Rep (Part 2)

Viet N. is a Field Sales Representative (FSR) from Austin, Texas. We caught up with him to learn about his process in joining DoiT International, what it’s like to work in a remote role and what makes working at DoiT so unique.

Caption: Viet (far left) gathers with sales and engineering teammates and Google partners at an Austin-based watch party for Google Cloud NEXT 2021.

As an FSR, how does DoiT set you up for success?

DoiT’s value proposition means that I can confidently support my customers and prospects with unlimited support and consulting, tools for cost management through our CMP and all at no added cost. For customers, signing with a DoiT is a no-brainer, and the biggest challenge I have is reassuring prospects that it’s not “too good to be true.” 

In addition, our ideal customers are cloud-native, fast-growing startups that understand the cloud and are looking for an extended technical bench to enable their teams to grow, build and deploy quickly. Our rockstar engineers demonstrate the kind of immediate credibility that drives short sales cycles and fast close rates.

What is it like working with DoiT’s engineering team? How often do you interact? 

I collaborate with our customer engineering teams daily. Our engineers are vested partners in success, whether syncing on a current customer’s issue or joining a customer call. Bringing a DoiT engineer to a sales call is incredibly impactful. The engineer comes with their vast technical expertise and can talk through exciting side projects they’re working on and relevant use cases they’re solving. It’s incredible to see the light go on with the customers after these calls.

“For customers, signing with a DoiT is a no-brainer, and the biggest challenge I have is reassuring prospects that it's not too good to be true.”

What’s the culture like at DoiT?

Everyone at DoiT is helpful and willing to provide feedback or support, even at the last minute. It feels as if everyone has a vested interest in mutual success. That goes a long way because it drives an authentic culture of success and a real team effort to win.

Specifically, there is a strong sense of support and community in the sales organization that extends globally. If I ask a question on one of our internal Slack channels, I’ll get a response within minutes from teammates across the entire sales organization. Instead of the “lone wolf” type found in many companies, I feel a high level of collaboration and teamwork at DoiT. 

How do you manage your time? Can you share your day-to-day?

The culture at DoiT is highly autonomous without any micromanagement;  we each manage our day-to-day priorities in the way that fits us best.

I like to break my time into quadrants, with a focus on different priority areas. In the first quadrant, I follow up on time-sensitive deals, customer needs and requests. In the second quadrant, I focus on business development and collaboration with our vendor partner teams. In the third quadrant, I look to create value for customers with strategy sessions. And in the fourth quadrant, I focus on operational aspects of my role - meetings with my management, team, sales organization and larger cross-functional teams throughout the company. 

What do you enjoy most about working at DoiT?

My favorite part of working at DoiT is the ability to help customers and genuinely see their satisfaction with our model and services. Our customers often move to other organizations and reach out to DoiT to support those new organizations. It’s exciting to make a tangible impact with customers. In addition, I’m surrounded by fantastic colleagues who help drive that customer experience.

When you look at your future at DoiT, what excites you?

I’m excited to watch things grow and evolve as we grow as an organization. Even though DoiT is a well-established and profitable company, I feel like I can still shape a lot of the backbone and operations as we scale. It’s exciting to think that the company will be doubling its headcount in 2022 and that I’ll be a part of shaping the story. 

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