What Drives Us

At DoiT International we tackle complex problems of scale which are sometimes unique to internet-scale customers while using our expertise in resolving problems, coding, algorithms, complexity analysis, and large-scale system design. Driven by highly-experienced, senior-level customer reliability engineers, DoiT International is a leading go-to innovation team that can help you make the cloud yours. We are also the proud creators of revolutionary cost optimization software platform that delivers significant value to our customers.

Why We Do-iT

“Freedom and trust to get the job done. A safe environment to be yourself, express ideas, and make a positive impact. Quality of life in general is great. ”

Rebeca F.
Field Sales Representative
“Everybody is super welcoming and helpful. Truly an international team. Refreshingly pragmatic, casual, and flexible. ”

Birger H.
Senior Cloud Architect
“Working in DoiT taught me how admirable leadership, collaboration culture, passionate & talented employees combined with a clear vision and a great environment can contribute to creating success from scratch.”

Shani A.
Field Sales Representative
“DoiT's a global company but feels like a tight knit start up operating out a single office. There's a collaborative culture and each day I get to learn from experts in different Cloud Technology from all over the world!”

Darren B.
Senior Cloud Architect
“The people here are more knowledgeable than you have ever seen. At DoiT, we are helping customers with *everything* in the cloud space, and some of the consultants seem to know everything (or a reasonable approximation). "

Joshua F.
Senior Cloud Architect

Learn With Us

Github  Repository
Our engineering team is a frequent contributor to open-source projects on GitHub, including popular projects relating to BigQuery, grafana, and Kubernetes.

Engineering Blog
Our popular engineering blog is regularly updated with articles written by our engineers on trending topics in Cloud Architecture, including original insights, tools, and tutorials.

How We Work
Enjoy this list of resources that showcase the types of projects our engineering team consults in. From case studies to complicated problems we are solving, get a sense of what it means to be a DoiT International engineer.

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Why Join DoiT?

Open Culture
Our work culture is empowering, collaborative, and helpful, and leaves little room for ego. Flat hierarchies, transparent communication, curiosity and a growth-mindset are pillars of our culture.
While we provide beautiful offices in our global locations, we also allow for a high degree of freedom and flexibility, including a permanent Work From Home option if you desire. Our culture works to empower our teams to be results-driven while providing an excellent work-life balance. 
Amazing Coworkers
Surround yourself with the most knowledgeable of colleagues in the cloud space and top professionals in all disciplines. We work hard to bring exceptional talent to the company, with many of our team coming from Google, Amazon, and Microsoft, as well as many ex-CTOs and ex-VPs of Engineering from prominent startups and tech companies.
Cloud is the hottest space out there and it’s here to stay. Develop and expand your own professional skills as you work to solve the problems of the most innovative startups and tech companies. Widen your technical and professional stack as you work with a variety of clients and projects across sectors and industries.
Professional Development
We encourage our engineers to allocate at least 30% of their engineering time to learn new technologies (e.g. attaining cloud certifications, contributing code to open-source, training, writing blog posts, organizing meetups, etc.). This “culture of learning” spills over into all areas and functions of the company and we support all employees in their professional development and growth. 
Stable, Growing Company
Enjoy the startup culture while working in a profitable, growing, stable company. We have a unique business model, strong strategic partnerships with Google and AWS, and received over $100M of funding from top private equity firm Charlesbank Capital Partners.

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